Our residential provision consists of a seven bedded unit situated on the two top floors of the Holbrook site Main building. We are able to accommodate 28 students over a four-night period. Within residential we provide 24-hour curriculum placements with a focus on communication, socialisation and independent living skills.

In our last 8 Ofsted inspections our residential provision achieved an overall judgement of “outstanding”, and judged as being outstanding in all areas. We believe one of our main strengths is the success of the positive relationships that staff have with the students and their families, allowing residential to provide a safe and secure environment for children to thrive and develop to their full potential.

Residential staff members work closely with school staff, parents and professionals to ensure consistency of approach and clear aspirations. We show and monitor continual progress through appropriate target setting and both internal and external verification.

There is a strong emphasis on communication skills and socialisation, within residential and the wider community.

Picture 1 is Oak Unit lounge; picture 2 is a bedroom on Oak unit and picture 3 is the Acorn Unit lounge.

Beginning a residential placement can sometimes be a daunting experience. We have created a residential prospectus here:

Residential Prospectus

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