The Early Years classroom at Holbrook links to an outdoor classroom which was designed specifically with the needs of our students in mind. It gives the students ample opportunities to develop their gross motor skills and meet their sensory regulation needs. The outdoor classroom mirrors the learning happening inside which allows students to learn where they feel most comfortable. The ability for the students to move freely between indoors and outdoors has promoted a calm environment in which they are able to learn better.

The students in the early years classroom now benefit greatly from a personalised approach whereby their curriculum is tailored individually to their needs through the use of ‘My Plans’ alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. The classroom layout has been planned to allow for child led learning where the students can pursue their own interests. Students interest are also incorporated into to lesson planning to support with engagement. Staff working within early years are committed to their own professional development and have completed training to allow them to engage in high quality interactions with each student. Parental involvement is fundamental factor Early Years department. ‘Seesaw,’, an online learning and communication platform, enables easy communication between school and parents/carers and allows them to be more involved in their child’s school experience.

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