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The School did particularly well in the following areas:

The school has recently introduced ‘WOW’ moments and Learning Journals. ‘WOW’ moments capture non-academic progress such as going to the loo on their own, having a shower, or playing with another child, these are recorded as photos in students personalised Learning Journals. Both pupils and parents have responded positively to the introduction on ‘WOW’ Moments and personalised Learning journals.

The school has developed ‘My Plan’ a one page document based on the four areas of the SEN code of practice, My body, My feeling, My communication and My thinking. Taking information from pupils ECHP plan at plotting the outcomes into the plan the school is able to use the plan to develop a personalised curriculum based on the needs of each pupil.

Integration of sensory resources and equipment is consistently embedded across practice. A wide variety of personalised sensory self-regulation resources were observed to be used by pupils across the school including various twiddle objects, material strips, chew/bite resources, weighted ruck sacks, weighted blankets, rolling shaped balls, small massage/roll ball equipment, and balance wobble cushions.   Staff also incorporated sensory experiences into every lesson, the assessment team observed dried food products being used for example flour, dried beans, dried rice and sensory trays with sand and shells, porridge oats, coloured shaving foam and glitter.

The assessment team observed the staff team to work well together and were skilful in managing difficult behaviours when students struggled to follow instructions. There was a strong team spirit and supportive ethos across the school, this was endorsed during staff interviews when all staff without fail mentioned that they felt the staff team worked well together. One member of staff summed it up by saying ‘Staff are massively supportive of each other and care about the pupils, we have a caring ethos and everybody is adaptable’.

Use of technology to support learning was observed to be used exceptionally well during an observation at the Belper site. The interactive white board was used as a resource to help students learn with excellent use of additional IT equipment and programmes. The assessment team felt that this was a particular area of strength that could be replicated across the provision.

The school is able to offer a bespoke curriculum to all of its pupils, this is supported through the four distinct learning groups; Early Years Foundation Stage, the Hub, the main site and the Post Sixteen Belper Site. This enables the school to provide a meaningful curriculum to each child and support individual learning through identifying pupils strengths and building on these skills.

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