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The structure of our classes is based around the age of students and their individual needs. Please see below for an outline of our classes for 2018/19:

Class list for 2018/19

1 Phoebe Toplis 9 students in Reception to Y3
2 Lisa Rogers 6 students in Y2 and Y4
3 Charlotte Christophers 8 students in Y2 and Y5
4 Louise Story 6 students from Y4 to Y6
5 Candice Morris 7 students from Y3 to Y7
6 Zareena Mahmood 7 students in Y3 to Y5


7 Sally Petcher 8 students from Y4 to Y5
8 Alex Russ 8 students in Y6 to Y8
9 Joanna Johnson 8 students from Y3 to Y7
10 Richard Jackson 6 students in Y3 to Y5
11 Lauren Shead  7 pupils from Y7 and Y9
11a Sophie Childs  1 pupil Y9
12 Romany Elliot  7 pupils in Y5 to Y9
13 Emily Bexson 10 pupils in Y5 and Y9
14 Lea Wilson 6 pupils from Y11 to Y14
15 Christopher Wright  6 pupils in Y11 to Y14
16  Mandeep Joshi  7 pupils in Y10 to Y14
17 Jacqui Tuff  5 pupils from Y12 to Y14

School Day

Start of the Day

At Holbrook, the school day starts at 8.45 to 9.00 am and finishes at 3:00 to 3.15 pm. These staggered times help us to manage traffic congestion. Most pupils travel to and from school by taxi, but some parents bring their children to school themselves.

When pupils arrive at school each morning, they are escorted from the vehicles by school staff with the taxi escort or parents/carers to one of the main school entrances and await for doors to be opened.

Mainstream Inclusion

Whenever possible, we arrange for our students to visit and experience mainstream schools, as we recognise the benefits that this can bring. We have connections to a local secondary and primary school. Please see some of our pupils in action below (with many thanks to Holbrook Primary school).

Contact Details

Contact Details

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