Our vision:

  • We want every pupil to be as independent as possible so that when they leave school they can live full and meaningful lives.
  • We aim to achieve this by providing relevant and personalised learning opportunities for our pupils and share our best approaches to learning and care with other schools and providers.

These are the school’s core values – they’re what we stand for and underpin everything we do.

  • For all students to achieve their best and fulfill their potential
  • To create a safe and supportive learning environment, which helps to bring out the best in every student
  • To address the specific needs of autism and how they affect each individual’s learning
  • To provide a personalised curriculum that meets the individual needs of every pupil
  • To ensure every student is fully included in school life and community activities
  • To see school as preparation for life, so we think learning should be meaningful for each pupil so that they can be as independent as possible outside school.

Teaching British values:

At Holbrook we promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance towards those with different faiths and beliefs.

To that end we do the following:

  • Encourage students to have their say in matters that concern them in school. We do this by having an active school council that consists of students from across the age and ability range in school, including boys and girls.
  • Teaching pupils the difference between right and wrong, by working with them to manage their own behaviour and develop positive attitudes towards each other. In some of our classes, pupils devise rules for the behaviour and conduct they expect everyone to follow.
  • Support pupils to make positive choices to communicate their needs and help themselves.
  • Actively involve pupils in community activities that develop their awareness and tolerance of others. This includes learning about different faiths and beliefs and visiting a wide range of places of worship as part of the Religious Education curriculum.


Our residential provision consists of a seven bedded unit situated on the two top floors of Holbrook.  We presently accommodate 26 students over a four night period. Our residential provision is an educational provision which provides a focus on independence skills and home management.

In our recent Ofsted inspection our residential provision achieved an overall judgement of “outstanding”, as well as being outstanding in all areas. We believe our residential success is based in the extremely positive relationships that staff have with the students.  This enables them to show strong positive behaviour management and role modelling, thus helping all students to individually reach and achieve their targets and fulfil their true potential.

Residential staff members work closely with school staff, parents and other professionals to ensure consistency of approach and clear aspirations.  We show and monitor continual progress through appropriate target setting and both internal and external verification e.g. ASDAN & Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

There is a strong emphasis on communication skills and socialisation, both within the units and out in the wider community.

School Prospectus

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Contact Details

Contact Details

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