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On behalf of the students, staff and governors of Holbrook School for Autism I would like to welcome you to our website. I hope that it will provide you with the information you need whilst giving you an enjoyable glimpse into the life of our wonderful school.

Holbrook School for Autism forms part of the Esteem Multi-academy trust, we are a specialist provision for children and young people with autism. We cater for children and young people aged 4-19 years with a range of abilities and differences associated with their autism, all of our students have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). The school is located over two different sites in Holbrook and Belper. The school also has an outstanding residential provision that provides continued education for up to 28 students who stay for 1 night per week.

Our school is a welcoming community where everyone should feel safe, secure, valued and respected and where we have a shared commitment to providing the best possible learning opportunities for every student.

Our students are taught and supported by a team of caring, friendly and dedicated staff who are trained in a range of autism-specific approaches and strategies. All of our students have access to an autism-specific environment with a range of specialist facilities and activities available to support different aspects of their learning and development. At Holbrook School for Autism, we are committed to developing the whole child, not just their academic ability.

Our school motto is ‘where learning comes to life.’ Through a relevant, exciting and challenging curriculum, students learn skills for life building on their interests and gaining independence. We believe that each student is individual and have their own unique skills, interests and talents which should be nurtured and encouraged. We have the highest expectations and aspirations for all of our students so that when the time comes, they are confident and ready to take their next steps in life.

For our students to achieve their goals and for the school to continue to grow and succeed, we need to work closely with parents, carers and our multi-agency colleagues to develop our ‘understanding’, expertise and specialism.

I feel very proud to be the Headteacher of Holbrook School for Autism and I hope that you can see why whilst visiting our website. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

I shall look forward to meeting and working with you.

Sam Bayliss

Holbrook School for Autism

Holbrook School for Autism provides specialist education and care for children and young people with autism and learning disabilities aged 4-19, split over two sites.  The Holbrook site is for students aged 4-13 years and the Belper site is for students aged 14-19 years.

The Hub provision is for primary pupils with autism and average ability and is based at the Holbrook site. These pupils have been unable to access mainstream education, so now receive a full and relevant curriculum at Holbrook.

Our residential accommodation comprises of two units within the main building. Both are self-contained with single bedrooms, bathrooms and showers and with kitchens, dining areas and lounges. Please visit our residential page for further information.

We provide a personalised curriculum, designed to address the needs of the whole child or young person. Therefore, as well as working on the key skills of literacy, numeracy and all the national curriculum subjects, we also focus on the autism-related and personal needs of our pupils. This means using the following approaches:

  •  structured teaching
  •  ‘total’ communication
  •  meeting sensory needs

At Holbrook, we adapt and ‘fine-tune’ these approaches for each pupil.

As a Derbyshire school, most of our pupils live within the county, but a significant number attend from Derby City, as well as Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire. Our staff are a well trained and dedicated team, who work with parents, carers and other professionals to make sure that all our pupils are able to achieve their best.

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